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A Bit About Us

Impact Gunworks LLC is owned and operated by Josh McCammon and his wife, Rebecca. Josh grew up hunting and shooting in a picturesque, mountain town in Idaho. He has chased everything from elk with his bow to ground squirrels with his .22 LR. While he enjoys shooting all firearms, Josh loves to shoot long range. Whether that is taking his 22 LR past 200 yards or trying to connect at 1,000 yards with his 6.5 Creedmoor, his favorite thing is to hear the faint "ping" on impact. He has been taking firearms apart and working on them for close to 18 years. His love for firearms led him to get a job at Sportsman's Warehouse in Spokane, WA. He has spent over six years selling firearms both as an associate and as a manager. Through his time at Sportsman's, he developed numerous long-term relationships with customers, many who still order from him today. He started Impact Gunworks to continue to help customers find the firearm of their dreams or get a broken firearm back to working order. 

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