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Gunsmithing Services

Scope Mounting

Starting at $15

A properly mounted scope is the most important relationship between the rifle and shooter. We seek to mount your scope perfectly every time. We go above and beyond most gun shops by making sure your scope is mounted with your crosshairs lined up with the fall of gravity, not simply level to your firearm. We always use thread locker and torque to scope manufacturer's specification. We have mounted hundreds of scopes over the years, so you can have confidence that you have someone who knows what they are doing. We will also boresight your firearm. We charge $15 for mounting a red dot or non-magnified optic and $30 for mounting a magnified optic. If your optic is difficult to mount or requires over half an hour to mount, we charge $25 per additional half hour. 

Firearm Sight-in

Starting at $65

Need your rifle sighted in before deer season and just can't find the time? Drop off your rifle and the ammo you would like it to be sighted in with, and we will do it for you! We have experience sighting in hundreds of rifles and will get your rifle zeroed with as few rounds as possible. While we are at it, we will double check all scope mounts and make sure your rifle is ready for the field.

Pistol Sight Install

Starting at $25

Just bought some new night sights for your pistol and need them put on? We have all the tools to get it done right. Most pistol sight installs are just $25. We may need to charge more if your sights require sanding and fitting. 

Field Strip and Clean

Starting at $30

This is one of our most popular services. We will field strip your firearm, clean it, and inspect for damage and wear. Once clean, we will re-assemble your firearm making sure to lube the correct parts for a brand-new feeling firearm. Finally, we will wipe your firearm down with a rust preventative and list any concerns we have. Most cleanings are just $30. However, if you have an extremely dirty firearm that takes over thirty minutes to clean, we charge $25 each additional half hour. 

Diagnose and Repair

Starting at $30

If you are having problems with your firearm, we will diagnose the problem and get you back out shooting! We charge $30 for the first half hour and then $25 for every half hour of work after that.


Starting at $10

We are set up to help you with all your AR-15 or AR-10 needs. We can put new barrels on, take off A2 front sights, change triggers or diagnose cycling issues. For our most comprehensive service, consider the accurizing package.

  • Barrel Install with gas system - $50 

  • Remove Gas Block or A2 Front Sight and Install Low-profile Gas Block - $50 

  • Trigger Install - $20

  • Muzzle Device Install - $15

  • Handguard Install - Starting at $20

  • Diagnose Cycling Issues - $50 per hour

  • Install Lower Parts - Starting at $20 

  • Dimple Barrel for Gas Block - $10

  • AR Accurizing Service Package - $95

    • Included services are squaring your receiver face, press fitting your barrel extension into your receiver with stainless steel foil, making sure your barrel nut is torqued to the proper spec, correct any gas tube and gas block alignment issues, shim your trigger and take down pins as needed, install AccuWedge as needed to improve upper and lower fit, and finish by using a bore scope to check your barrel for damage. If you are trying to squeeze as much accuracy out of your AR as possible or are experiencing random "fliers" this is where to start! ​

Stuck Case Removal

Starting at $50

We can remove most obstructions and stuck cases out of your barrel. We charge $65 for removing a live round and may need to charge more depending on how long it takes to get it out. 

Muzzle Device Install on
Pre-threaded Barrel

Starting at $15

We will correctly time and install muzzle devices on your firearm. We can use an adhesive if a suppressor will be used over the muzzle device to make sure it doesn't come off.

Glass Bed Rifle Stock

Starting at $125

We can glass bed most rifle stocks, including synthetic.

Barrel Removal and Installation

Starting at $50

We have just expanded our gunsmithing capabilities by now offering action removal and barrel installation services. We can take off barrels from most firearms manufactures. 

  • Barrel Removal - Starting at $100 

  • Barrel Install - Starting at $50 

Note: We may have to order go/no go gauges if we don't have

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